Fort Collins, Colorado Granite Countertops Contractors

image of granite for kitchen countertop installation

Granite countertops in Fort Collins, CO are one of the most useful and also popular selections of high-end kitchen surfaces. Nevertheless, paired with the rate of materials, the cost of installing granite countertops can be high and stops lots of people from setting up natural stone countertops when redesigning their kitchen.

We have our personal favorite – granite countertops. Stroll right into a cooking area with granite countertops as well as you will instantly take notification. Because it is taken into consideration by most to be a deluxe item, granite countertops will add resale value to your residence.

Identifying Granite

It can often be hard to differentiate granite from various other natural stones, or from the increasingly reasonable types of artificial crafted rock. Granite is an igneous rock, implying that it stems from volcanic lava that emerges from the earth to harden and cool. This makes it unconditionally various than marble, which is a metamorphic rock that creates when layers of stratified rock undergo numerous years of pressure as well as warmth.

The color of the granite depends on what minerals are consisted of, as well as it can vary from nearly pure black to pure white, with pinks, reds, environment-friendlies, as well as even blues possible. Most granites do not have the refined veining found in marble, and close examination will reveal that the crystals in granite are quite noticeable, unlike marble.

Distinct granite from the much better synthetic engineered stone is progressively tough as those items have improved in top quality, yet if you very closely evaluate a granite countertop, you will certainly have the ability to see that the crystals are irregular in dimension and also randomly set up. This is not located in crafted stone, which has a harmony of appearance throughout the material.

Granite Countertops Type

Granite Slabs

Granite slabs are the classic kitchen counter material, usually a strong item of quarried rock, often without any seams. This is one of the most costly types of granite, as well as it is usually set up by professionals, as the slabs are simply also heavy and costly for DIYers to deal with.

Modular Granite

Modular granite is a more affordable kind of granite featuring huge sectors that are laid side-by-side to create a countertop. A countertop made with modular granite will have seams, though fewer seams than located with tiles. Modular granite is fairly very easy for a DIYer to install.

Granite Tiles

Granite ceramic tiles resemble the granite ceramic tiles utilized in flooring. They are installed similar to ceramic or porcelain ceramic tiles, as well as have a few of the very same downsides when used for countertops– there are grout seams that can be difficult to maintain. Yet pieces, this is a DIY-friendly product.


Expenses for granite countertops vary significantly, depending upon the type of granite made use of and also on labor prices in your area. Prices for granite countertops have actually dropped, thanks to the enhancing popularity of artificial engineered rock.

Granite slab countertops cost from $40 to $60 per square foot, according to national statistics. While the granite itself sets you back considerably less than this, there is merely no cost-saving DIY alternative, making slab granite among the extra expense of all kitchen counter materials.

Modular granite commonly costs $25 to $40 per square foot, making it an excellent alternative for individuals that want the appearance of granite while saving cash by doing the work themselves. These countertops are fabricated in sections as sets, based upon your measurements. Be aware that modular granite does not offer the same genuine estate worth as solid piece countertops.

Granite floor tiles usually cost $5 to $15 per square foot. This makes it the most cost-efficient choice, but granite floor tile countertops are extremely inferior to pieces and also may be seen adversely by the real estate market.

Repair and maintenance

Granite is a very hard substance as well as therefore is really immune to damage. That is lucky, because repair services are really hard, otherwise difficult, to accomplish. Cracks, crevices, and also chips can often be fixed utilizing an epoxy or material set chosen to match the shade and pattern of the granite, yet these repair services are generally obvious on the surface. Professional producers often do this work much better than DIYers can complete, yet fixings can be expensive.

While granite executes much better than marble on a kitchen counter, it is still a somewhat porous stone that requires to be sealed in order to safeguard it from discoloration. Many granite countertops are sealed prior to they are installed, as well as they require to be periodically resealed to keep the surface impervious to spots.


Granite countertops are appropriate for almost any kind of residence design, from casual farmhouse to French estate. They always add a component of high-end, however additionally lend all-natural charm as a product of the earth. There are some residence style professionals who believe that natural rock has actually ended up being rather a cliche, replaced by synthetic crafted stone or environment-friendly compounds as the most trendy countertop product. But in general, granite is a relatively classic selection as a countertop product; in the majority of homes, it will add realty worth.

Granite is offered in a surprisingly wide range of colors. Different tones of gray, pink, as well as red, are most common, yet you can discover environment-friendly and blue granites, in addition to almost pure whites as well as blacks.

Granite Countertop Installation

Strong slab countertops are really difficult to deal with, which is why they are practically constantly handled by professional staff– typically staff members or specialists of the company that makes the countertop from a raw slab. An expert typically sees your house to take measurements, and also the countertop is then produced at a store, consisting of any type of cutouts for sinks as well as other components that are needed.